At Salad Servers, we understand that healthy does not equal boring.  With over 120 salad options on the menu at any given time, there's a solution to suit every customer and occasion.

To ensure we consistently deliver you the best and most interesting products on the market, we work hard to keep our range fresh.

For a new salad to come on the menu, another has to come off.  Which means our products are constantly updated, revitalised and shaken up so that we're always on or ahead of 'what's new' in the market.

Plus, our experienced Research & Development team use customer feedback and market testing to ensure we're creating the products your customers want.

Our expertise in the industry allows us to run a full serviced operation with a vertically aligned, fully integrated supply chain.  We handle everything from sourcing the freshest produce, recipe creation, manufacturing, logistics, to packaging and delivery.

This means that we're across every aspect of the business and make all decisions with you and your customers at the forefront of our minds.  We have exceptional standards for service, product and quality control, because we know you do.



We service three main types of clients including:


If you're looking for a quick, convenient 'grab & go' salad, our pre-packaged salads are perfect for you.  We cater to retailers of all types and sizes including cafes, schools, hospitals, local grocery stores and major supermarkets, among others.


We also supply bulk salad options that can be used in a variety of ways including delis and salad bars.


Want to be different? We can make a bespoke salad or meal solution specifically for your business. Subject to minimum batch sizes.



With any of our bulk salad options, you can order mixed salad boxes! So, you can offer your customers more variety, as you don't have to commit to large orders of the same salad.